Tea Ceramics

2 day workshop for making teapot and other tea ceramics
June 10th & 11th, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Tea Ceramics

Mentor: Yu-Ting Teng
Assistant: Anja Slapničar

There are many tea ceremonies around the world, which differ in tea preparation process, kinds of tea and utensils being used during tea preparation. Taiwanese tea ceremony was strongly influenced by Chinese culture, which brought it to Taiwan, but also by the Japanese, who at one time ruled Taiwan. Then the Taiwanese developed and introduced some details of their own.

Most popular teas in Taiwan are oolong, black tea, green tea and Oriental beauty. Their ceremony is peaceful and relaxed, in it their kindness to other people – to guests shines in brightest light. Tea ceremony is a feast for all of your senses, even for your eyes. Taiwanese teas are achieving highest qualities, taste and smell amazing and are never bitter.

Tea utensils are composed of teapot, tea pitcher, teacups, tea caddy, vase, and many others.

For this workshop we wish to make:

  • Teapot (chahu)
  • Teacups (beize)
  • Tea pitcher (chahai)
  • Tea caddy (chaieguan)

Short Demonstration Video

Workshop content

  • Synopsis: short description about tea ceremony and course of workshop
  • Tea ceremony and introduction of tea utensils
  • Short description and demonstration of pinching technique
  • Making of tea utensils using pinching technique
Target audience

Beginners, intermediate and advanced ceramists


English with translation to Slovenian and a little Chinese

Location and date:

June 10th & 11th 2017, 10AM - 5PM
(1 hour pause for lunchtime between noon and 1 PM)
Tržaška 36, Ljubljana - Vič, Slovenia



Main objective

We will be introduced to Taiwanese culture and their way of making tea. We will explain why and with what purpose each utensil is being used and why does it have size and shape like it has.

Our goal is to make at least 4 finished objects of functional ceramics, which will be dried and fired after class is finished. After firing it your works can be picked up.

Emphasis will be made on the pinching technique. Although it is considered as ancient and basic technique, it does not mean that the making process of utensils will be easy. We will need in-depth knowledge about material, physical changes during drying and firing process and usage of certain types of tools. All that combined will make a step further from beginner’s ceramics towards professional and fully operational tea ceramics.

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About Yu-Ting Teng

Yu-Ting Teng was born in Yilan County in northeast of Taiwan and grew up in an environment, which was encouraging her making of ceramics, surrounded by beautiful world of tea ceremonies. Her grandfather Lin Tien-Fu and her uncle Lin Jui-Hwa are renowned Taiwanese ceramic artists. They own a ceramic center Zhunan Snake kiln, which has been Yu-Ting regularly visiting since 2003 with one purpose: to learn the trade of her family – making and wood-firing ceramics.

Her path led her to National University of Taiwan where she graduated in 2015 at Department for Craft and Design. Her works were presented all around Taiwan. She earned many prizes and awards, among them: Wood-Fired Kiln Building Competition - Pottery Prize (2014), Wood-Fired Kiln Building Competition - Fire Spirit Prize (2013) and National Zodiac Ceramic Competition – Excellent (2010).

In 2016 she was also accepted to prestige ceramic competition International Golden Teapot Competition and Exhibition.

Her works are strongly influenced by Taiwanese tea culture, family tradition in making ceramics and the kilns of her grandfather and her uncle. She is also a student of Taiwanese tea master.

Her strong point is functional wood-fired tea ceramics.

Anja Slapničar, Contemporary Ceramics Studio

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Tržaška 36, Ljubljana - Vič, Slovenia