Tea Ceremony

Short class about tea table and tea preparation
May 18th, 5 PM in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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"The first bowl washed the cobwebs from my mind —

the whole world seemed to sparkle.

A second cleansed my spirit

like purifying showers of rain,

a third and I was one of the Immortals —

what need now for austerities

to purge our human sorrows?

Worldly people, by going in for wine,

sadly deceive themselves.

For now I know the Way of Tea is real.

~Chio Jen

Taiwanese tea ceremony

Mentor: Yu-Ting Teng
Assistant: Anja Slapničar

Taiwanese Tea Ceremony plays an important role in Taiwanese local culture and has been for over 400 years. It was highly influenced by the Chinese tea culture brought to the island by some of its first settlers and it has been added to and developed by Japanese and western influences. Taiwanese Tea Ceremony is so a combination of eastern and western tea cultures creating an intricate, social and very delicious part of local life.

They say Taiwan has delicious teas due to small family farms and combination of centuries of expertise inherited from both Japanese and Chinese tea cultures; Taiwanese teas have nonpareils in quality.

Short Demonstration Video

Workshop content

  • Introduction: A short history of tea in Taiwan
  • Introduction: Different teas from Taiwan
  • Explaining and getting to know tea utensils
  • Preparation of tea table
  • Demonstration of tea preparation and serving
  • Drinking Taiwanese tea and tasting sweets
Target audience

Tea, ceramics and culture lovers.


English, a little Chinese with translation to Slovenian.

Date & location:

May 18th, 5 PM - 8 PM
Tržaška 36, Ljubljana - Vič, Slovenia



Main objective

Our goal is to introduce Taiwan, its culture and tea to Slovenia. But it is also to connect people, promote ceramics and thread a net of nice people, beautiful things and relax time.

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About Yu-Ting Teng

Yu-Ting Teng was born in Yilan County in northeast of Taiwan and grew up in an environment, which was encouraging her making of ceramics, surrounded by beautiful world of tea ceremonies. Her grandfather Lin Tien-Fu and her uncle Lin Jui-Hwa are renowned Taiwanese ceramic artists. They own a ceramic center Zhunan Snake kiln, which has been Yu-Ting regularly visiting since 2003 with one purpose: to learn the trade of her family – making and wood-firing ceramics.

Her path led her to National University of Taiwan where she graduated in 2015 at Department for Craft and Design. Her works were presented all around Taiwan. She earned many prizes and awards, among them: Wood-Fired Kiln Building Competition - Pottery Prize (2014), Wood-Fired Kiln Building Competition - Fire Spirit Prize (2013) and National Zodiac Ceramic Competition – Excellent (2010).

In 2016 she was also accepted to prestige ceramic competition International Golden Teapot Competition and Exhibition.

Her works are strongly influenced by Taiwanese tea culture, family tradition in making ceramics and the kilns of her grandfather and her uncle. She is also a student of Taiwanese tea master.

Her strong point is functional wood-fired tea ceramics.

Anja Slapničar, Contemporary Ceramics Studio

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Tržaška 36, Ljubljana - Vič, Slovenia